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We Are Nyhlus - Colored by KnightmareFantom
We Are Nyhlus - Colored
I made a Purdy picture... Chica Derp (Emoticon) 

So, while I was coloring this sucker in, I realized that Sychlian's darker alter-ego Nyhlus had purple-ish skin and I was like...... WAIT A MINUTE... Purple skin.... purple.... purple guy..... FNAF!!!!!! Shock 
And then I kinda thought about it some more and realized that Nyhlus kills for food, fun, no reason, etc., so what if in an alternate universe Nyhlus was related to the Purple Guy...? >____>
Well, who cares. Lol. Its best not to take that kinda stuff into account when you can't share it with someone.

Sychlian Nyhlus belongs to Nyhlus
All rights reserved.
The Animal - Colored by KnightmareFantom
The Animal - Colored
Phew~ Took me a little longer to finish up. Messed up a couple times doing the flames, which took like three hours to do almost. Glad it worked out in the end though. :)

Sychlian Nyhlus (a.k.a. The Animal) belongs to Nyhlus.
All rights reserved.
The Creature - Colored by KnightmareFantom
The Creature - Colored
Finally got around to finishing this guy up today. Px Sorry for the wait. The Colored version of Animal is up next so you should be able to see it by tomorrow. ;)

Vektis (a.k.a. The Creature) belongs to Toonock.
All rights reserved.
Draw this again! Meme - Nyhlus Addition by KnightmareFantom
Draw this again! Meme - Nyhlus Addition
So a long time ago (about three or four years, give or take) I drew "We are Nyhlus" for an associate, since I love his OC very much,
and while I was rummaging through some of my unfinished artwork, I found a picture I had done but hadn't finished.
Naturally, on my own time, I put it back together (since it looked like crap) in my new art style and added some interesting touches.
I came across the idea to do this meme, since it fit so well into the idea I had while making the new version, so yeah....

Anyways, I hope everyone likes it. I know I had fun practicing with my favorite yummy tongues. :3
Nyhlus belongs to Nyhlus.
Meme belongs to Bampire. (… )
All rights reserved.
Hey guys, its been awhile.

I've been a bit quiet again. Seems that's been happening a lot.
I've been uploading stuff, here and there. Mostly pictures that I just don't want to color in at this time.
Not because I'm lazy or anything, its kinda more like I'm losing my touch with my art.
I feel like I lost something important in my art, a motive or a drive to compete. I've been feeling that a lot lately...
I don't have anyone to compete with or encourage myself to go up against anymore and I guess I'm kinda dealing with
these feelings of depression as best I can.

Amongst other things, I've been doing more physical activity stuff, like my local Boffer Fight Club.
Its great. Its nice. I'm learning to actually fight with swords, war hammers, and even spears.
But, when it comes down to the end of the day, I feel depressed. I'm not writing anymore of my story.
I'm not drawing much anymore... I hate it. I miss it a lot.

But, not writing my story doesn't bring out the craziness in me anymore. For once, my head's been so silent.
No voices or shouts in my head; I remember begging for it all to stop and now... I don't know what to do without those voices anymore.
I guess that's a good thing. I don't know anymore. Maybe its better this way.

On a side note, I've been practicing my dinosaur drawings skills for real this time. Personally, I've been holding myself back for so long.
I had a friend once who loved to draw dinosaurs. He loved them a lot. And, I felt like if I tried, I could easily outstrip him of his abilities to draw.
It made me feel like shit, that I could just take away and "out-draw" him in too many subjects. I didn't lie about any of his drawings ever.
I loved to see how he drew and it made me pretty damn happy to see him catch up faster and faster to my level.
But, I did lie. I lied about being stupid and bad at dinosaurs because I didn't want to be better than him at them.
But, in the end it didn't matter. I'm all alone again with no partner in the pen to play and fight with.

It just goes to say that sometimes you need to have that one friend that pushes you to the fullest
while you push them to their fullest potential, too.

Anyways, I guess that's all for now. My life is definitely taking a bad turn for me right now and I may soon be facing a trial of will strength, soon.
I hope everyone is doing great. I've made a Youtube account for some of the boffer videos I've taken. Just look up Knightmare Fantom and I should be there.

Until next time, everyone.
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KnightmareFantom's Profile Picture
Arieian Kade Fenix
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Hi, my name's Knightmare Fantom. I've been around here for a few years and gotten the hang of it. I'm an artist of both the mind and the craft. I draw freehand with pens, pencils, and occasionally, watercolor/coloring pencil; I am a writer of my own stories, both for younger audiences and older folks; I do FanFiction occasionally on the side when I'm feeling a bit creative about my favorite characters; I am a poet and I mostly do rhymes; I am also a leathersmith in training and a basic sower; and currently, I am also an apprentice foamsmith in boffer.

Here are some websites where you can catch me, though, I don't always post up my art on any of them:
Facebook: Knightmare Fantom

Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite photographer: -none-
Favourite style of art: Fantasy/Free-hand, some concept designs, still art, and occasionally I paint.
Favourite cartoon character: Road Runner
Personal Quote: "Life sucks, get over it." "Crazy is my language; NOT my Occupation."

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