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Goodbye by KnightmareFantom
"Say Goodbye, say we dance with the Devil tonight;
Don't you dare look at him in the eyes;
As we dance with the Devil tonight.
Hold on.... Hold on......................Goodbye."
    ~Dance with the Devil by Breaking Ben

I've danced too long, now its time to say goodbye for good.
My madness is driving me to Death, and I'm better off without it.
It's not as if either of them care if they turn me insane.
I'm better off letting go, anyways...

All rights reserved
A Pirate's Life For Me by KnightmareFantom
A Pirate's Life For Me

    It was high noon by the time Captain Richard had awoken from his slumber; a slow, painful headache throbbed at the back of his head as he looked around. The sound of the sea was quite clear to him as he felt the motions of the rocking waves beneath him. He blinked his eyes a few moments as he made noticed that his head had a rough burlap sack around it. He flexed his arms, realizing quickly that he was tied up heavily around his arms and wrists to the mast and a trickle of blood crusted against the side of his mouth. What the Fuck had happened? He tried to recall, but even as he did, he suddenly heard shouts of crewmen and a dog’s bark filling his ears.

    "Cap'in! All is set for the journey!" shouted out a rich, young voice man to Richard’s right as he heard the man’s footsteps walk past him.

    "Good, Mr. White! Check our young visitor to see if he's awake." called out a feminine voice and that immediately got his attention. The footsteps turned and headed back towards him as they stopped and ripped the burlap sack off his face; the blinding light of day momentarily burning his eyes as he growled a low, spitting curse.  He shot an angry scowl across his face as he cracked his neck to the side. Oh, there would be Hell to pay... Amidst his scowl, he quickly surveyed the vessel his was on. The ship was well built, similar in size to a Brig with black sails and a red flag. Upon his gaze, he looked to the top of the deck where the ship’s captain supposedly stood. But the Captain to be was not there, instead he caught sight of her descending down to the deck bellow. She dawned on a deep red vest with a long grey sleeve shirt and leather pants, wearing a pair of knee high boots as she walked towards him. Her red hair is swept back by a long bandana strip as a scabbard rested on her left side. She came to a halt in front of him by a couple feet, a devious grin resting upon her features. Behind her stood her first mate, a tall long haired man with brown hair and a black hat as he stared down at Richard unconcerned.

    “Hello there again, Mr. Richard. I trust you slept well?” She asked amusingly.

    “Fuck off.” He spat. She smiled.

    “Ooo.. Look who woke up on the other side of the bunk.” She mocked.

    “Untie me. Now...” He growled.

    “Demanding little cretin, aren't you? Sadly, you’re not exactly in a position of any kind here, captain.” She sneered slightly, more playful than it was mocking.

    “Then untie me. I'll gladly position my foot up yer ass.”

    Her grin was infectious. “Lads, looks like we got ourselves a lively one here!” She kicked a box down in front of him as she placed her foot on it; looking down at Richard with ease. “Now, I'm sure as a respectable captain, you understand your position right now yes?”

    “Some whore and her little bitches kidnapped me.” He sneered. It was then that her First Mate surged forward before she could stop him and decked Richard in the face; a deadly gleam in the First Mate’s eyes as he glares down at Richard with loathing.  “You will address mi’lady with respect or I will throw you overboard, you little cock stain...” The First mate said lowly, venom dripping from his words but Richard sneered at him even more. A punch to the face was like taking a piss behind a tree or along a building. The she-captain waved her hand slightly at her First Mate.

    “Mr. O'Ryan, there's no need for that. He is, after all, our guest; not just some hoodlum from the docks or the streets.” She said sweetly, but Richard could hear the underlying tone in her voice. She would most likely have words with her First Mate’s behavior and conduct… if he didn’t rip her throat out first.

    “Hit me again, boy, and I'll make sure you lose the hand.” Richard replied easily as he spat the blood at the First Mate. His gaze became murderous, but the Captain’s grin stretched even more as she held up a finger to her First Mate. A second warning. Mr. O'Ryan  stepped back even further, but continued to glare at Richard, disgusted and enraged. The Captain continued on happily.

    “Now, I guess you’re wondering why I brought you here...” She started.

    “You assume I care.” He butted in.

    “Well, I don't care if you do or don't. As you can see, we are out in the middle of the sea, with nowhere for you to run or hide on this ship. You see, I require your services actually captain.” She kept going. He rolled his eyes with annoyance.

    “Quit your fuck'n stalling and out with it. You're put'n me to sleep.” He growled.

    “There is someone I am looking for. Someone you know and met years ago. That someone has something I desire and I won't rest until I have it back. And I want you to help me get it.” She finished.

    He cocked his head to the side. “And you couldn't just ask. You had to kidnap me....well you're obvious a bit daft.”

    “Not daft. Bad misfortunes of dealing with pirates tend to make me every bit as cautious as the last man who manned this ship.” She replied.

    Richard stared at her for a long moment. “Untie me....” He said as the captain’s smile tightened.

    “Captain, as stated before, this is my ship, not yours.” She unsheathed her sword, whipping it out to tap him lightly on the neck. “And I make the demands. On board, you are stripped of your title as Captain and you will be seen as another man aboard this ship, do I make myself clear?” Her smile faded away to a dull, grim frown.

    Richard smiled. “One.”

    The Captain stared unamused at him.


                She quirked an eyebrow.

                There was a sudden, sharp ting as the ropes fell off his hands as he stood up menacingly. “Three...” He said lowly, towering over the she-captain, who only grinned wickedly up at him as she stood up from the box. “Now then, out of the way, lass.” He growled.

                She pressed the blade deeper into his neck. “And where do you think you’re going?” She questioned.

    He knocked the blade away with practiced ease. “Back to my ship.” He replied.

    “And you honestly think I'd let you leave?” She teased.

    “You don't control me.” He commanded, challenging her reality against his own.

                “And you won't be leaving.” She said firmly.

                “Whose gunna stop me?” He gestured to her First Mate. “His measly ass?”

    The sound of pure, amused laughter arose from her mouth as she grinned even more. “As much as I would find it amusing to see you on the ground and knocked out cold, I would rather like to discuss my proposition with you without causing a riot aboard my ship before noon.”

    “You really love to chat don't ya?”

    “What do you say, Mr. Richard?” She stretched out her hand as she gestured to her Captain’s Quarters behind her. “Shall we do business?” She raised her eyebrow inquisitively in his direction.

                He gestured back. “After you....”

                She pivoted on her heels and walked forward towards her cabin as she sheathed her cutlass. “Mr. O'Ryan,” she said casually as she walked past. “Please take over for now and make sure we do not tally from our destination.”

    Richard followed after her as she opened the door for him and waiting for him to come in. She shut the door behind him as he walked into a medium sized cabin, befitting of a Captain’s status and rank. Trinkets and weapons lay about the entire cabin with a bed in the left hand corner and a desk filled with maps and charts on them. She went to stand behind the desk as he walk in, gesturing for him to sit.

                “I'll stand.” He said shortly.

                She shrugged and smiled. “As you wish.” She leaned over the desk and pushed a couple maps back to grab a small portrait with a man on it. She dropped it on the desk in front of you. “Recognize him? His name Owen Williams.” She stated firmly.

                Richard glanced at it briefly. “No.”

                “He works for the man I am after. In order to get what I need, I require the location of this man from Owen. And that's where I require your services, should you accept.” She stated calmly as she tore her eyes up to his.

                He regarded her back. “And?” He asked, leaving the air open for more answers.

                The Captain stood up straight and looked at him evenly. “Once I get the location of where this man is, I want you to help me get back what the man stole from me.” She gestured to one of her chests filled with treasure. “I am fully prepared to pay you for your help and more, if need be.”

                Now, they were talking…. “Alright....and where exactly would we start?” He asked.

                “According to my sources, Kingston is the last known location of where Owen was stationed at. My ship has already plotted it course and it should arrive there in three-days time.” She looked away briefly to one of the maps and then back at him. “You will be guest amongst my crew and whatever I ask of you until the end of this trip, I request that you do as you are called to do. Time and strategy are essential, for the man I hunt knows that I am coming and will not rest easy until he has my head on a stake.” She said, an underlining stressful threat hovering in the words.


                “Do we have an agreement, Mr. Richard?”

                “First off, stop calling me 'mister'. That's not my name.” He hissed with annoyance.

                “Mm. And what shall I call you then?” She teased.


                “Richard it shall be.” She purred, as she placed the portrait back under one of the maps.

                Richard crossed his arms. “I want my sword and  guns back.”

                “So long as you stay your blade and bullets from my crew, I'll return your weapons.” She said mildly with consideration. Richard scoffed.

                “And as long as your First Mate doesn't fuck with me, I won't have to.” He growled.

                She smirked, knowingly. “My First Mate won’t have to. Though, fill free to join in with the boys later. They sometimes hold fight circle on the deck in the evenings depending up the weather and conditions.”

                He cast her a sideways glance. “Uh huh....” he muttered.

    Moving around the desk, she used a key from inside her vest, and opened one of the drawers, pulling out a pair guns and ammunition as she placed them on the desk into front of Richard. He took them quickly and placed them back in their holsters around his belt. She then moved away from the desk as she walked over to a larger chest and unlock it, pulling out a long cutlass as she shut the lid. She held out the sword for him to take. “Your room is next time mine, as I would prefer to keep you nearby. I want you to report to me every morning at 0600 hours so that I can give a task to complete each day.” She said, as he took his sword and reattached it to his back.

    “I'm not your cabin boy.” He shot back.

                “I already have one, mate. You are a guest, but even a guest must help work aboard this ship.” She fired back.

                He glared at her without amusement. “No. I'm a captive. So you can soak your head.” He spat as he turned and walked out of the cabin; slamming the door shut hard. She smirked, knowingly.

    “Welcome aboard the Tartarus, Richard.”

Richard belongs to Nyhlus-Lyitning 
Alice belongs to me.

The Seal of Sychlian - Nyhlus by KnightmareFantom
The Seal of Sychlian - Nyhlus
 Something I made a long time ago during a different time of my drawing career. Made completely from ink, no pencil. Its very small in real life too.
About 3.2 by 1.8 inches.

All rights reserved.
Nyhlus Nyhlus-Lyitning 
So, big news everyone. I got a sister who's getting married this year..... on HALLOWEEN... Internally, I'm kinda pissed because Halloween is like MY DAY, if you know what I mean. To top it off, she wants me to make the CD music and playlists...... in Country Music. I got no qualms against country music because I love me some garth brooks and carrie underwood (I swear that woman speaks to my soul on a musical wavelength, bro.) but C'MON! Halloween! Do HALLOWEEN MUSIC DAMMIT!!! Dx Anyways, while I was pondering through all the music, I was like "What the hell am I gonna get for a wedding gift for my sister?" And then I REMEMBERED.................. Luke's Epic Face 

I have a commission I have to finish for my sister!!! D8 Lord help..... I gotta finish it before Halloween!!!!

So yeah. That's my life right now. How's everyone else doing? Quality time emoticon 
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Arieian Kade Fenix
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United States
If there's one word to describe me, it's "everywhere". I'm always on the move, looking for the next style of art to learn and/or looking for a new "voice" of inspiration to lead me. I love to draw, read, and write my own stories for everyone (occasionally, I write FanFiction Stories). Of course, I maybe be a member for a few years now but I'm still getting a feel of DA, so, if there are problems with how I did something or didn't tag something right, please don't get too mad.. >.< Anyways, if you got a question for me, fill free to ask. I don't bite often and seldom do I draw blood. I'm a fan of a lot of things, a bit of a tomboy, and I like to get to know people who have some of the same interests as me.

Um, so a little bit about me here: I started drawing at the age of 3 when my sister started showing interest in art and such. I grew to be a bit of obsessed with her art and wanted to strive to be as good as or better than her. Now, several years later, I can say that I've moved on from that and I now share some of my creative ideas and art with some of my other associates who like to draw as well. Though, sadly, not many of them use DA and I don't see them often, I tend not to let such road blocks get in my way. :) So please take care of me while I enjoy my stay here at DA. ^^;

Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite photographer: -none-
Favourite style of art: Fantasy/Free-hand, some concept designs, still art, and occasionally I paint.
Favourite cartoon character: Road Runner
Personal Quote: "Life sucks, get over it." "Crazy is my language; NOT my Occupation."

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